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Business Office Solution (BOS)

Telephone Solutions for Business

Full solutions for managing a whole office phone system, including extensions, voice mail and other features, all online in an easy-to-use dashboard

BOS is a hosted internet telephone (VoIP) solution designed to meet essential business telephone requirements.

Compatible with APN broadband services, your business can now have a straightforward solution for voice across numerous virtual locations and phone extensions.

You can start small and scale up the solution as your business grows, or begin with a more substantial solution suited for multiple users and individual extensions.

Scalability, flexibility and ease-of-use are engineered into the BOS (Business Office Solution).

  • Suited for small to medium businesses requiring the ability to have multiple handsets and/or telephone lines
  • Choice of Telephone Handsets – Choose between corded or cordless handset.
    • If required, reception functionality is available.
  • All services can be configured as a SIP account to operate with ‘soft-phone’ applications. Using this feature, you can make office business calls from a SIP application on your mobile device or PC.

Business Office Solution (BOS) Key Features



Multiple Handsets

Multiple Handsets

Multiple Lines

Multiple Lines

Unlimited calls

Unlimited calls, except 13/1300 and international calls

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding & Internal Call Function

Do Not Disturb

DND/Call Waiting

Phone Number Porting

Phone Number Porting

Call Waiting

Phone Dashboard

If a feature you require is not listed, please enquire as is may be possible through simple configuration.

Solutions Compatible with Business Office Solution (BOS)

Australian Private Networks Public WiFi

Public WiFi


Offer prepaid, PAYG or complementary public WiFi for staff, customers or entire communities

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Business Office Solution (BOS) Specifications

Data Sheet

Key Feature Specifications
Voicemail Callers can leave voice messages, when you are not able to answer the call. Messages can be retrieved at any phone connected to your installed solution
Multiple Handset Up to 5 handsets are supported within the Essential Package. Handsets above 5 may incur additional fees
Multiple Lines Up to 2 lines are supported within the Essential Package, Additional lines will incur additional fees
Unlimited Calls Unlimited calls to local, national and mobile numbers, excludes international and 13/1300 numbers
On Hold Music Standard feature with music provided at no additional charge
Call Forwarding Forward calls to any number when your line is busy or no answer and not using voicemail
Internal Call Function Call extension to extension at no additional cost
Do Not Disturb Ability to set phone to ‘Do Not Disturb’ when required
Call Waiting Ability to see incoming call and place current call on hold to answer incoming call
Phone Number Porting Retain and transfer existing telephone numbers

Data Sheet

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