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Field Support Services

Hands-on Expertise in the Field, Australia-wide

Australian Private Networks has field staff across the country to support our services

We employ a team of dedicated, professional and experienced field staff, not only experts in communications installation and maintenance but also experienced bushmen, capable of working safely for long periods under challenging conditions in remote areas. Our team must adhere to the strict OH&S policies and are culturally aware of the environment they operate in.

Australian Private Networks maintains a fleet of specially modified 4WD vehicles, complete with GPS tracking systems, satellite phones and a myriad of rescue & survival tools for their deployments in the field. Field staff are actively monitored by a Field Operations team when trekking out to the often remote locations of their assignments.

On average in any 12 month period, our service teams travel 154,000km and spent 5,000 hours (208 days of the year) in remote Australia providing site surveys, community consultations, installation and routine servicing & maintenance of existing equipment.




Installation of our solutions by our team of qualified field staff

Maintenance Calls



Maintenance of hardware to ensure the ongoing success of our solutions

Service Calls

Service Calls


A team of field staff in each state and territory across Australia to provide hands-on service support

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