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Single Connections or Full Solutions

Business Phone Solutions with Scalability and Extensive Features

Australian Private Networks offers a suite of voice communications options, from single line VoIP service through to APN's all-in-one Business Office Solution (BOS) as well as traditional legacy PSTN services where required.

With APN, your operations can maintain phone communications with seamless ease across limitless workplaces.

Our Business Office Solution, with a fully integrated dashboard for phone systems management, ensures your organisation functions smoothly with one hosted phone communications system, as if you were all in the one building, despite working from virtually anywhere in the World.

With internal office calling, personal extensions, conference calling and additional facilities you might expect to find in a traditional enterprise brick-and-mortar phone systems you can set yourself up to take office calls no matter where you are.

Business Office Solution (BOS)

Business Office Solution (BOS)


The all-in-one solution for hosted telephone office services with extensive features

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Standard VoIP Services

Standard VoIP Services


Single, Voice-over-Internet-Protocol phone services

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PSTN Legacy Services

PSTN Legacy Services


Copper-based business PSTN phone lines

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Find the Telephone Solution for You

We are here to help tailor a solution to your individual needs.

Reach out to our industry experts today to have us work with you to deliver a solution that meets your unique requirements.

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