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Portable Satellite Internet

Portable and Temporary Solutions

Portable Satellite Internet with a range of form-factors

Our unlimited data satellite internet services are available in portable solutions.

The flexibility of this solution enables easy transfer, set up and relocation between sites, enabling wired and WiFi connectivity at temporary camps or worksites.

Perfect for projects with changing locations or third-party contractors working across different client sites, portable satellite units come in a range of options and form factors.

Portable Satellite internet

Portable Comms-On-The-Pause (COTP) satellite systems allow for internet connections to be set up anywhere around Australia quickly, using a satellite dish and terminal that can be easily disassembled or stowed away for quick transportation to alternative sites.

Portable Satellite internet
APN’s SatFinder module enables easy alignment of manual aligning portable systems.

Our transportable satellite connections are available with a fully automated auto-aligning system for easy set up.

Alternatively, our manual aligning dishes can also be easily set up using our propriatory SatFinder module.

Developed in-house by our R&D team, the satellite dish can easily be aligned manually following the directional instructions from SatFinder.

Mounting Options

Our COTP satellite solutions are available mounted in a variety of form-factors.

Non-Penetrable Ground Mount

Ideal for providing connectivity to a temporary site for one day through to many weeks, the ground-mounted variant has been specifically designed for ease of set up and operation.

With a non-penetrable ground-mounted frame, the satellite dish is able to be setup on terrain that cannot be drilled or dug into, a common obstacle for mounting satellite dishes at exploration or temporary mine sites.

The non-penetrable mount can be used by work teams and is can be set up without any technical expertise or on-site IT expert.

Portable Satellite internet
A ground-mounted installation requires no digging or fixed structure, perfect for mine sites and temporary locations where ground tethering or digging is not possible. Manual alignment of dish is made simple with our proprietary Satfinder module.






Vehicle or Trailer Mounted

For the ability to transport the service around Australia without needing to disassemble a ground-mounting frame, the satellite dish can alternatively be mounted to the roof of a communications/crew vehicle.

Vehicle mounted systems often use auto-aligning terminals, which are able to mechanically stow the dish before moving.
However manual aligning systems are also possible, for instance where a manually aligned terminal is attached to a pole on a trailer.

Portable Satellite internet
A trailer mounted system with auto-alignment
Portable Satellite internet
A vehicle mounted, auto-aligning system





Bespoke Mounting Options

With an in-house R&D team that develop, design and deploy APN’s hardware, we are always open to designing a customised solution to meet your specfic requirements.

Some of our previous bespoke solutions include building satellite dishes into hard cases, for easy relocation and transport.

This allowed for easy setup and transport for a client where transport-based mounting (ie. vehicle or trailer) was not available, and the set up of non-penatrable ground-mounts was also not feasible.

Portable Satellite internet
A portable satellite service built into a case for easy transportation between sites

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