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Securely Connect Two or More Locations

With WiFi access also available at all points

Australian Private Networks can provide point-to-point solutions allowing the secure data exchange between two or more locations.

Point-to-point (PTP or P2P) wireless solutions through Australian Private Networks gives businesses a viable, cost-effective method of connecting networks at multiple locations without the need for physical cabling or transferring data over potentially insecure public networks.

Point-to-point wireless connections can involve a short-range link between two offices, or can be a longer-range point-to-point solution that connects sites tens of kilometres away.

A P2P wireless network can add capacity and inter-connectivity to business networks without the need for VPNs to secure confidential data from external parties.

Point-to-Point Key Features

Secure Data Transfer

Secure Data Transfer

Secure your private data without the need for VPNs

Easily Scalable

Easily Scalable

Add or remove 'point' links depending on business needs

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Providing reassurance that your hardware is managed and any faults can be detected early

Find the Point-to-Point Solution for You

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Extended Wireless Specifications

Data Sheet

Key Feature Specifications
Network Standards 802.11ac
WiFi Band 2.4Ghz
WiFi Range – Internal Up to 150 meters from Hotspot subject to building materials
WiFi Range – External Up to 150 meters from Hotspot subject to obstructions such as but not limited to building, hills or large thick trees
Number of WiFi Networks Up to 3 networks (Business, Private & Public)
Antennas 2 x external, dual band, detachable antennas
Security Features WPA/WPA2 128-bit-AES encryption
Warranty & Support 1 year hardware warranty
Remote monitoring and technical support
Optional – Onsite service calls at additional cost
Power Supply POE Power Pack 30V/0.5A

Extended Wireless

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NSW Government
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