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Unlimited Data Allowance Plans With Fixed Wireless PLUS

nbn™ Fixed Wireless offers excellent connectivity and value

As a leader in rural and remote Australian communications technology, Australian Private Networks were the first Internet Service Provider to connect an end-user to the nbn™ Fixed-Wireless network back in 2012.

In the years since, APN have continually led the market in offering innovative fixed-wireless services and today offer nbn™ Fixed-Wireless Plus services to businesses who are within reception range of a fixed-wireless tower. On Fixed-Wireless Plus there are no arbitrary speed tiers limiting the maximum speed available.

That means you'll always get the best available speed at your specific location.

Solutions Compatible with Fixed Wireless

Australian Private Networks Public WiFi

Public WiFi


Offer prepaid, PAYG or complementary public WiFi for staff, customers or entire communities

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Australian Private Networks Merchant Services

Merchant Services


Securely sell WiFi access to employees, customers or the general public

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Australian Private Networks Hub Series

Hub Series


Meet the communications solutions for small businesses, organisations and rural communities

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Australian Private Networks (BOS) Business VoIP

BOS (Business VoIP)


Hosted Business-grade telephone systems with extensive features

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