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Community Hub

Communications Solutions for Communities

Reliable, self-sufficient public WiFi (Community WiFi) for regional, rural & remote communities

Community Hubs affordably connect entire remote communities to the world and critical online services. Our public WiFi connections allow for large numbers of concurrent users.

By offering an end to end service from community consultation, installation to connection, training, maintenance, and support, we’re able to ensure quality and cost-effective solutions.

Our next-generation satellite broadband solution supplies the connection to our in-house designed and built Hub solution.

The Community Hub operates on either solar power and high capacity storage batteries to provide a reliable shared public Wi-Fi internet connection which can be completely self-sufficient. With up to 3 days power redundancy the solution is operational during most critical weather events.

Community Hub Key Features

Extended Wireless

Extended Wireless

Integrate multiple remote wireless repeaters. Offer wireless to other buildings on the property, with dedicated receivers for external or internal building coverage.

Public WiFi

Public WiFi

Separated network for staff or visitors to gain internet access, fully configurable for free or pre-paid/PAYG, an online portal for users to purchase their own data, all administered by Australian Private Networks.



Purpose built solution providing telephone connectivity to community buildings or homes integrated with the our Business Office Solution, Extended Wireless and Public WiFi.

Solutions Compatible with Community Hub

Australian Private Networks Extended Wireless

Extended Wireless


Wirelessly connect two buildings over extended distances

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Australian Private Networks Public WiFi

Public WiFi


Offer prepaid, PAYG or complementary public WiFi for staff, customers or entire communities

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Australian Private Networks Merchant Services

Merchant Services


Securely sell WiFi access to employees, customers or the general public

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