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Wireless Solutions

Advanced Wireless Functionality

Wireless business network over extended distances, for public consumption or for IoT data transfer

Australian Private Networks offers a range of off-the-shelf wireless hardware as well as proprietary systems purpose-built for specific projects.

APN is a leader in offering reliable wireless infrastructure for remote and regional Australian uses.

APN's solutions are designed with longevity in mind. With over 18 years' experience in supplying technologies to the most remote and hardest-to-reach places in Australia, we understand how pivotal it is to have equipment that is reliable and doesn’t require excess maintenance.

With long-range Extended Wireless, Public WiFi, Point-to-point solutions as well as LoRaWAN technology available for IoT specific applications, APN can provide a wide range of wireless solutions to cater for a variety of requirements.

Wireless Key Features



Connect wirelessly up to 150m from hotspot.

WiFi Mesh

WiFi Mesh

Add multiple access points and create an extended WiFi mesh network across vast distances

IoT Network - LoRaWAN

IoT Network - LoRaWAN

Reliable and simple IoT gateways for automated M2M control and data logging applications.

Business Solutions Compatible with Wireless

Australian Private Networks Business Hub

Business Hub


Offers advanced business networking features, three-segmented networks for business, personal and public use.

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Australian Private Networks Commercial Hub

Commercial Hub


An all-in-one device to provide wide-ranging hotspot connectivity to large worksites, with support for a high number of concurrent users

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Australian Private Networks Public WiFi

Public WiFi


Offer prepaid, PAYG or complementary public WiFi for staff, customers or entire communities

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We are here to help tailor a solution to your business needs.

Reach out to our industry experts today to have us work with you to deliver a solution that meets your unique requirements.

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